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Savory Quinoa Flakes for Breakfast (or anytime!)

Gluten-Free. Serves 1-2 people, depending on how hungry you are and if you are adding any other foods to your meal.

Recipe from Food Co-op Member Adrienne Robineau

I make a savory hot cereal for breakfast using quick-cooking Quinoa Flakes. It’s very quick, easy to make and really good to eat and I wanted to share it with Co-op members.

Broccoli (or zucchini or other green veggie)
1-1/2 tsp your choice of seasonings (I recommend Mrs. Dash)
1 Tbsp olive oil or coconut oil
1 cup vegetable broth (I recommend Pacific Brand)
2 tsp freshly ground flax seeds (optional)
1 tsp freshly ground sesame seeds (optional, I use a combo of black and white sesame seeds mixed with dried sea vegetable flakes that I mix up myself from the bulk food area of the coop—you can also buy it pre-prepared, called “Gomasio.” in the seasonings aisle.)
¼ to 1/3 cup quinoa flakes (I recommend Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Flakes.)

* Finely chop ½ onion and ½ head broccoli or other green veggie (you can do this in advance and freeze small baggies of them to have on hand quickly before going to work.) Add seasoning.

* Cook in small pan with olive oil or coconut oil over medium heat 3-5 minutes until onions are clear and green veggie is cooked through, stirring most of the time to keep from burning or sticking.

* Add vegetable broth, ground flax seeds and ground sesame seeds (or combo/Gomasio). (Helpful hint: keep one small electric coffee grinder solely for seed grinding—mark with Sharpie, if necessary, to keep coffee beans out; use a kitchen basting brush to remove ground seeds from grinder.)

* Bring broth, veggies and seeds to a boil, stirring occasionally. Add Quinoa flakes and turn on 90 second timer. Stir constantly until timer goes off (more flakes = drier; less flakes = wetter; your choice).

* Remove from stove and let cool a bit. Add salt to taste. (I recommend Herbamare seasoning.)

Additional protein: you can add a scrambled egg to the veggies after they cook and before you add the broth.
Alternate flavor: you can add or substitute Portobello mushrooms for the broccoli and/or use Pacific brand Mushroom Broth instead of veggie.
Less Salt: don’t add any additional salt or Herbamare and use Pacific brand’s low salt vegetable broth.

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