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Reading Room: How $8-a-Dozen Eggs Threaten Real Food Reforms

“How $8-a-Dozen Eggs Threaten Real Food Reforms”
by Jane Black (The Atlantic Online, 8/8/11)

Good, environmentally friendly food does cost more. But which prices are tolerable, and which are inexcusable—or even harmful? At 9:30 on a recent Sunday morning, the organic egg guy at my Brooklyn farmers’ market was already sold out. “Come early next week,” the attractively scruffy salesman said with a smile. “They’re eight dollars a dozen.” Come again? I agree with the message trumpeted by food-reform advocates that good food does and should cost more. But eight dollars is more than five times the price of a dozen conventional eggs and more than double that of organic eggs at the supermarket. The sky-high prices threaten to exclude from the farmers’ market anyone who isn’t a hedge fund manager.

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