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The 100 Mile Diet

The 100-Mile Diet is a commitment some folks have made, usually for only a limited time, to eat (or attempt to eat) only foods that have come from within one hundred miles of where they live. A couple in British Columbia, Canada, documented a year of living on the 100-Mile Diet (follow link below to read their story). They document the difficulty, and the sometimes impossibility, of locating equivalents of the foods that make up the average American diet. Unfortunately, the average diet today is inherently unsustainable because most of the foods we eat are neither regional nor seasonal.

If we hope to make agriculture sustainable, we must first re-create diets that are regional and seasonal. A tomato will grow in the Pacific Northwest for only a few months each year. If we want to practice sustainability, we’ll only eat fresh tomatoes for the months they grow right here. Or we’ll learn preservation methods that will allow us to enjoy a tomato grown close to home the rest of the year.

Browse this section of the website for tools to help you along if you’d like to experiment with your own eat local challenge for one meal, for a week, or even for a whole year.  It’s an interesting project and one we’d like to help you with by posting what the farmers in our region are growing, as well as seasonal food maps and preservation tips as we all begin to educate ourselves in the possibility of eating a truly sustainable diet.

Eat Local Challenge Pledge Form (PDF 36KB)

Eat Local Challenge Guide (PDF 827KB)
Seasonal Food Guide (PDF 94KB)
Local Producer Table (PDF 54KB)
Listen in on the Local Food Conversation

Read about the 100 Mile Diet on for more information and ideas.

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