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May Cheese Sales and New Exciting Items!

Good news! May is a month for Tillamook cheese sales, deep discounts and tasty choices! When browsing your cheese department, you will see five of your favorite cheddars on sale. Sharp, medium, baby loaf, 3 year vintage and 2 year vintage sharp cheddars.

Two great new items just arrived today from Wisconsin and New York! We received two cases of fresh mozzarella from the Crave Brothers in Wisconsin. This company uses 100% green energy produced directly on the farm and supports the surrounding communities with its state of the art bio digester. The mozzarella balls are delicious and on sale for the next month!


You will also see the new Coach Farm Aged Goat cheese Grating Stick. This cheese is hand made using milk from their French Alpine herd, in the small Hudson Valley village outside of New York City. It is a perfect size for holding and grating directly onto pasta or salads, and a great alternative for those who love the taste of aged hard cheese, made with goat milk  instead of cow or sheep.

We are always adding new cheeses to the case! Stop by and share your interests with your cheese department, we love to talk cheese!

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  1. I hope everyone supports this. This will help our local farmers and it will develop more safer foods for us and make the community more healthy.

  2. ana says:

    Great to see Wisconsin cheese here. I’m originally from WI and
    there are some OUTSTANDING cheeses made there.
    Cheeses I would love to see:

    La Tur (I would give my right arm to have this easily available),
    Uplands WI cheeses,
    Did I say La Tur?? …YUM!

    • Lauren says:

      Ana- Thank you for your comments! We actually have Shropshire, which is the same strain of mold, same cheese making process, but with an added annatto to give it a sharp look. There is also an interesting history with English vs. Scottish cheesemakers. I have also heard that this cheese is slightly creamier… come by and I’ll give you a sample! La Tur… that one might take a bit to get our hands on, but I will certainly try!

      • ana says:

        Thank you for that insight on the cheese. I will skip the
        taste and simply buy it.
        The La Tur would be a dream. I’d buy a pound or two!

    • Lauren says:

      Ana I wanted to let you know that I got La Tur today. I have 6 of them, can cut or sell whole. They are not in the case yet but I will have them ready tomorrow (5/23).
      We’ll be able to get La Tur as much as we want now from Provvista (Eugene Company).
      Super exciting!!!!