PT Food Co-op

The Food Co-op, 414 Kearney Street, Port Townsend, 98368
Port Townsend
Phone: (360) 385-2883

Our Co-op Stories – Dianne Diamond

My sister Sandy blazed the trail for me to Port Townsend in 1999, and as soon as I moved here in 2006, she said, “You have to join the Co-op.

I live alone and don’t enjoy the process of cooking. The only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house! What saved me is the Co-op deli. Now I have variety in my diet. I can always count on friendly service and great food choices. Kudos to the Balsamic and Tandori Chicken chef! I didn’t like kale, and then I discovered the kale and beet salad which I really like. I love the Cranberry and Orange Quinoa salad too. I think I eat healthier now because I eat Co-op deli foods.

It’s funny; I didn’t know anyone at my Safeway in San Francisco, where I shopped for 32 years. Now, I know so many of the staff at the Co-op by name: Walter, Bonnie, Seth, Sheryl, Alyssum, Theresa, Annie. Some of them even have my number memorized!

But, shopping isn’t the only way the Food Co-op plays a part in my life. Whether I was volunteering at Port Townsend Film Festival, Key City Players, or Festival of Lights, the Food Co-op is always generous with support. It represents our community: quality work, working together, giving back. The Food Co-op has created jobs, created income for our farmers, given us healthy alternatives, and taken upon itself to give back to the community.

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