PT Food Co-op

The Food Co-op, 414 Kearney Street, Port Townsend, 98368
Port Townsend
Phone: (360) 385-2883

Co-op Stories: Marly & Robert Yourish

We joined the Food Coop in 1974 at its first storefront location, where Pane d’Amore Bakery is currently located. It was often self-service back then, from opening up (the key was next door at the gas station, currently Badd Habit), to measuring bulk foods, to ringing up your own sale and making your own change.

Nobody delivered whole foods to Port Townsend back then, so we went to Seattle every week or two, with a succession of vans or bread trucks. There was no traffic in Seattle then and we could make fifteen or more stops in one day, all over the city. We stopped at the Little Bread Company, Seattle’s first modern day worker cooperative. We shopped at C.C. Grains, a worker cooperative run by militantly feminist women on forklifts. The guys would usually wait in the van. We bought produce from Community Produce, down below Pike Place Market. We would return to the Co-op late at night, usually in the rain, to unload the van and put away all the food.

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