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Four new cheeses and many more to come! La Tur, Seahive, Oregon Blue and Chocolate Stout Cheddar!

Good afternoon cheese lovers! Today has been an exciting day for the cheese department, as four new cheeses have graced the cheese case.

After trying out the Hopyard from Rogue Creamery in Central Point, Oregon, we decided to try out some other regular Rogue Creamery cheeses. The Chocolate Stout Cheddar contains chocolate, chocolate malt and Rogue Chocolate Stout from the Rogue Brewery (same brewery that grows the hops for Hopyard). The taste begins with a bittersweet note from the ale, and finishes with a sweet chocolate flavor to compliment the creaminess of the cheddar. Find it next to the cheddars in the cheese case.

The Oregon Blue is the most affordable of all Rogue Creamery Blues, and one they produce all year round. Last fall we brought in a blue wrapped in grape leaves, soaked in pear brandy. The Rogue Creamery comes out with imaginative beautiful cheeses, and this upcoming fall we hope to see it again. For the sake of having delicious handmade blues from Oregon, we now have an incredible Oregon Blue. It is aged in a Roquefort modeled cave for 90 days, creamy and subtle. Find it on the bottom shelf with our other blues!

Seahive is a delicious, rich cheddar rubbed with Redmond RealSalt (found in an ancient sea bed near Redmond, Utah) and wildflower honey (harvested locally near the creamery). This cheese is both savory and sweet, but mostly an incredibly rich cheddar with amazing texture. Come by for a sample!

Last but not least, La Tur has arrived! This cheese has a history of being difficult to find, to ship, and to receive in good quality. We are fortunate to have found a reliable source for this amazing cheese! La Tur is a soft fresh cheese made from pasteurized goat, sheep and cow milk delicately placed in a tiny mold and allowed to age only 10 days. The center is light and fluffy, and gently becomes creamier towards the rind. La Tur is  lemony and tangy like a goat cheese, mildly nutty like a sheep’s cheese, and rich and buttery like a cow’s cheese. Don’t miss it!



2 Responses to “Four new cheeses and many more to come! La Tur, Seahive, Oregon Blue and Chocolate Stout Cheddar!” Comments are currently closed.

  1. ana says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Lauren, the “cheese lady” was most gracious and I cannot thank you enough for getting the La Tur into the coop.
    What a wonderful cheese and I appreciate your hunting it down to fill my request. Another wonderful service from the Food Coop!
    Lauren, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    • Lauren says:

      Ana you are most welcome! We can’t always find the cheese we’re hoping for, but this time everybody won! So glad to have made your tummy happy!