PT Food Co-op

The Food Co-op, 414 Kearney Street, Port Townsend, 98368
Port Townsend
Phone: (360) 385-2883

My Co-op Story: Beth Kreihbel

I joined the Co-op when I arrived in Port Townsend in the fall of 1984, back when it was located uptown. I did volunteer cashiering at the Co-op and earned discounts on my purchases. That store was small and the produce shelves needed constant restocking because they held so little.

The Food Co-op and gardening have been constants in my ever-changing life in Port Townsend. I began growing a lot of my own produce when I moved here. I had lived in Michigan and Montana prior to Washington State and was thrilled to learn that I could grow food year-round in Port Townsend. I’ve had a garden ever since.

At the Co-op I’ve always appreciated that I can get healthier products that can’t be found elsewhere: foods, herbs, supplements, even make-up! At one point there was an adjacent shopping space in the uptown location where the Co-op sold a variety of household goods and I still have some cotton throw rugs I purchased there.

When I was co-owner of the Village Baker, the Co-op was the retail outlet that sold the largest quantity of our bread. To say I’m grateful for all the positive influences the Co-op has had on my life is an understatement, nevertheless, thank you Port Townsend Food Co-op!

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