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Mislabel Recall: Truitt Premium White Beans

Truitt Premium White Beans Mislabeled/ Voluntary Recall – The Port Townsend Food Co-op does not carry this product.

Reason: Truitt discovered an accidental mixture of a small amount of a chili product has occurred with our 15 0z. Premium White Beans. There is nothing wrong with this chili product other than it is incorrectly labeled as white beans (UPC 008222524145) and therefore has ingredients not declared by the label. It is unclear as to what point in time the actual cased product in question was forwarded, so Truitt cannot target a specific P.O. or shipping order number.

Truitt needs to have storage & shelves checked as immediately as possible to stop any further dissemination of this product in the marketplace. The problem in its entirety encompasses a maximum of 93 individual cans.  The cans in question are marked with the lot code “S1GTD” and bear the product code of “MDSB” rather than “NDSB”.  The lot code is located as the last 5 characters on the top line of coded information on each can.

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