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Your Turn – Advisory Poll on Facilities

Coop EvolutionWhat qualities do you most value in a Food Co-op facility?

On January 5, The Food Co-op held a member meeting to talk about the evolution of our facility. Whether or not you came to that meeting, you now have a chance to weigh in online with this advisory poll.

The Board will soon make decisions that impact the short and long range use of our facility, and we want your input. Some members have asked, Why do anything? We love it as it is! We love it, too, but the store is getting squeezed, especially in the back rooms where much of the work is done. We need to fix our current problems and set the stage to meet our future needs.

So, to begin, the Board wants a clear idea of what our members value in a co-op facility. A prioritized list of those qualities will help guide us when hard choices need to be made. And, alas, hard choices, or at least creative ones, are going to be necessary because we’ve looked for the easy solutions for years without success.

At the core of the hard choices we must make is the fact that we all love our location AND it suffers from multiple limitations such as inadequate room to expand either the parking, loading dock area, or building footprint; it is subject to flooding because of its low elevation and problems with city storm water drainage; and it is vulnerable to earthquake and/or tsunami.  What to do?

At the January 5 meeting, about 80 members created a list prioritizing the qualities they believe should be a part of the long-range facilities solution, whatever that might be.  Now it’s your turn to give feedback, telling us how you would prioritize the choices. (For a more complete write up of the meeting, please see the prior blog post News for the Board – Jan 2015.)

You may notice that staff safety is NOT on our list of things we want your opinion on and that’s because to us, staff safety is non-negotiable. And while our current worksite is crowded and inefficient, we work hard to ensure our staff are well trained and follow all established safety guidelines.

This advisory poll allows each member to select five top facility priorities.  If you believe that a desirable quality is missing from the list, you may suggest it as a write-in, and we will periodically add suggestions to the list.  In real time, the list will be automatically updated and arranged so that selections with the greatest support rise to the top.  Over the course of the two weeks (January 19-February 1) that polling is open, you may change your selection—up to 10 times—if you change your mind or if a new choice is added that you believe is more important.  Only your last selection counts. (You can return to the poll from the main Co-op web page.)

Thank you very much for participating!

Click here to go to the Advisory Poll.

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  1. Judith Alexander says:

    Thank you for actively engaging the Coop membership in this online poll. People need to be engaged in all manner of issues if we are to preserve our quality of life that we all hold so dear! Thanks for taking the time to ask us what our priorities are!