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News from the Board: We Finished Phase 1

Coop Evolutionby Janet Welch, Board President

Background: In the process we’ve laid out for the “evolution” of The Food Co-op’s facilities, Phase 1 culminates with a prioritized list of essential facilities qualities. Phase 2 will involve brainstorming as many options as we can and then whittling them down to create a short list of options that will best address our short and long-term needs while providing as many of the essential qualities as possible. This will be a very creative time, since we’ve found that no obvious option could possibly give everyone everything that we want.  Phase 3 and beyond will be the action stage of the process as we decide on our path forward and begin moving in that direction.

At a full day retreat on March 21, the Board and General Manager finished Phase 1 of the Facilities Evolution Roadmap. The retreat resulted in a list of ‘essential qualities,’ which was compiled primarily from the comments received in an on-line poll as well as member and staff meetings, letters to the Board, and the Strategic Plan.

There were no surprises, although we did wrestle with whether and how a continued emphasis on ‘local’ fit with facilities planning. That was when we realized that the Strategic Plan, which places a high emphasis on local, needed to sit as the bedrock of our facilities solutions. After all, buildings are simply a tool to accomplish what we want to do, not an end in themselves.

This is what the Board adopted at the April 7th Board meeting:

Agreed Upon List of Essential Qualities

Note that these are not ranked by priority, but rather comprise the “A List” of qualities our facilities should ideally provide.  Facilities options which provide these qualities will then be further evaluated for feasibility.

The goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan provide the overarching direction for our organization and the facilities that support it.  As an example, all facilities qualities shall adhere to the Strategic Plan, which emphasizes the goal of maximizing organic, local, and Non-GMO products.

  • More space for receiving, food storage, processing, waste management, etcMore staff bathroom facilities
  • Dedicated flex space for demos and other purposes
  • Ample space for bulk and produce
  • Solution to parking issues
  • Non-automobile access (bike, bus, walking)
  • Central location
  • Administrative and meeting support in efficient location
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reliable utilities
  • Site constraints are mitigable
  • Aesthetically pleasing, unique, providing a feeling of intimacy
  • Modest space for community activities and interactions
  • Able to serve a changing membership

We completed Phase 1…TA DAAAA! Stay tuned for more news on the start of Phase 2.

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