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Did You Know? Cool Co-op Facts from Your Co-op Board

Board icon cool coop factsLocal Sales Increase

At our November meeting, the board was very excited to learn that the Co-op’s purchases from local farms increased by 21% in the last year!
We added new local products, plus some of our farmers were able to extend the season for a few fruits and veggies—for instance, raspberries. Plus, we now have more local egg producers (Finnriver and Lamb Farm), so now you don’t have to rush to the Co-op on Monday to get local eggs before they are all gone. (Although, of course, egg production slows down in the winter, so we still might run out.)

Our efforts in organic sales have also been paying off, as we saw a 5% increase in organic sales.

Thank you, Member-Owners, for supporting your local farmers, producers, and food co-op!

Centsibles Helps with Our Food Budgets

The board also learned that the new Centsibles program—which makes a whole range of products as affordable as possible—has been a success. Sales of Centsibles products have increased 14% since the program began early this year—black beans and coconut milk increased 100%!—which means a lot of us are taking advantage of these prices.
The Co-op recently added another program to help us stretch our food dollar—Co-op Basics—which will result in lower prices on the Field Day brand. This opportunity comes to us through the efforts of the National Cooperative Grocers, which is a co-op of around 150 food co-ops, including ours. By standing together, we get better prices.

Centsibles Goes Local and Organic

We are now able to offer local Yukon Gold potatoes, Delicata squash, and carrots, as well as Washington onions, as part of the Centsibles program! How cool is that?

EPA Award

You can read about this award in full here, but I just have to mention this amazing statistic: The typical grocery store leaks about 1000 pounds of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere per year, but the Co-op only leaks 12 pounds.
Yes, just twelve.

Great New Distributor for Bulk—Hummingbird Wholesale

Hummingbird is a smallish distributor from Eugene, Oregon, that focuses on organic foods sourced with integrity. They consider the sustainability of the farming practices along with the nutritional value of the foods. Among other new bulk items, look for organic pumpkin seeds grown in Canby, Oregon.

Cooperatively Yours,

Lisa Barclay

Board Secretary

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