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Facilities Evolution Update – January 2016

Coop EvolutionReported by Lisa Barclay, Board Secretary

Hello Fellow Cooperators. I’m afraid we haven’t had a lot to report in the last few months. Evolution is a slow process!

In August the Evolutionary Road Crew assembled a Facilities Work Group to assess potential sites and options for our store, including, of course, our present location. The work group was comprised of General Manager Kenna Eaton; Board Assistant Rachel Williams; board members Janet Welch, Peter Bonyun, and Henry Werch; and several member-owners with experience in building and/or design—Nora Petrich, Randy Welle, Malcolm Dorn, and Perry Spring.

The work group spent the fall exploring options, including physically walking proposed sites, talking to the city and property owners, and discussing the pros and cons of each site. We took this information back to the board, which then narrowed the list of options—again, including our current location—for us to explore in more depth. Now we are hiring consultants to help us thoroughly assess the feasibility of these sites for our particular needs. We cannot go into detail about the options due to real estate considerations as well as the fact that some options involve other parties. We know many of you are anxious to see the plans—as are we! But unfortunately, there is no obvious elegant solution, so we must research our options with care.

We’d like to thank Nora, Randy, Malcolm, and Perry for the considerable time, effort, and useful input they have provided to this process. And we’d like to thank all our member-owners for their support of the Co-op and for their patience.

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