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Produce Report

Heavy rains are preventing harvest of some California crops. Our farmers will fulfill supplies as soon as weather improves. Read part of the report below from our distributor in Portland, Oregon.celery2Organically Grown Company says,

“Well, we asked for a drought depleting wet winter, did we not? A common theme of humanity seems to be that what may benefit us over the longer term, might also create a few temporary challenges. Water is obviously a resource in high demand in California, but as the primary supply region for the bulk of our winter vegetables, rain can also wreak havoc on the current rhythm of supply and demand. As a stormy week ahead looms, most row crops and leaf items will really tighten up. We may also see some harvest challenges with other crops, including citrus, as fields fill with mud and become difficult to navigate. There also continues to be some cooler weather afoot, with occasional freezes and slow growing also having an impact. While we tend to estimate that the current challenges should clear up in about two weeks, the truth is the weather variable may play a large role this winter and the supply squeeze for some items may continue. The only unanswered quandary would be is whether or not that’s something we’re hoping for or….? Beyond all of that, there’s still plenty of food in house to highlight, it’s just a matter of shifting focus to what’s abundant. A wide variety of citrus still exists, and on the veg side, the harvest will go on and hardier items will likely show some resilience and recover.”



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