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LOCAL ORGANIC ARUGULA from Dharma Ridge Farm

10 Ways to Love Local Arugula!

1. Salad
Arugula has such great peppery flavor, it is best all on its own, eaten fresh with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette.

2. Pizza
Sprinkle arugula on top of pizza with or without a light dressing, the Italians have always loved this.

3. Soup
Toss fresh arugula into soup just before serving to add a little green.

 4. Eggs
 Serve eggs on a bed of arugula or toss in a pan with olive oil and garlic for just a minute, add eggs and scramble.

5. Sandwiches
Best on hot Panini sandwiches or as a fresh alternative to lettuce.

6. Grains
Add arugula just before serving to any hearty grain or small pasta to add a splash of fresh.

7. Roasted Vegetables
All roasted veggies will welcome the addition of arugula, toss into warm veggies just before serving.

8. Pesto
Move over basil. Arugula makes a surprising fresh alternative. Experiment with nuts for added flavor.

9. Pasta
Need some greens? Add a little pasta to your big arugula salad or just toss a small handful of fresh peppery green into your pasta dish and stir.

10. Lasagna
Arugula is a good substitute for spinach in any dish. The peppery flavor will spice up lasagna, or alternate layers with spinach.


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