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Strategic Plan Renewal: Market Relevance

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As previously mentioned on this blog and in The Commons, 2017 is time for The Food Co-op to renew its five-year Strategic Plan. The 2018-2022 Strategic Plan will represent small course corrections, not major shifts. We’ll be making these updates at Board meetings and member-owner events over the course of 2017.

Our Strategic Plan has five Goals, also known as Ends in the policy manual, which govern Co-op decision-making. We recently completed the review and renewal for our first Goal, or End A1. Here’s what we came up with:

A1:      Market Relevance

We will be the marketplace of choice for our community to access local, organic, and non-GMO products.


  • Distinguish our Co-op as the best place to buy healthy food in our community.
  • Provide exceptional customer service and a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere.
  • Help Co-op members access reasonably priced whole foods and basic goods.
  • Cultivate and promote member benefits to retain and attract new members to our Co-op.
  • Evolve our long-term facilities plan.


At its core, The Food Co-op exists to provide access to healthy food for member-owners in our community. To deliver on that promise, we need to establish and secure our position in a competitive marketplace, and ensure our continuing relevance to our membership and the community as a whole. All of the choices we make in running our store support this goal. We choose to carry products which are healthy for people, the environment, and our economy and society. Our staff ensures that everyone is welcome, and we work to make shopping at the Co-op accessible both physically and economically. Our planned expansion addresses immediate facilities needs, and we will continue to develop a long-term facilities plan. Finally, as a Co-op, we offer something no other business can match: the opportunity to become a member-owner of the business and participate in shared governance, profit sharing via patronage dividends, and an economic movement ensuring that business benefits people first.

What’s Next?

A2: Food System Development is up next. Here is what this section currently says:

A vibrant local and regional food system will provide our community with a year-round supply of food sold at prices that are fair to both consumers and producers.


  • Increase diversity and quality of local and regionally produced food available through the Co-op.
  • Support local farmers and producers with information and assistance to meet the growing demand for local products.
  • Collaborate with local partners to:
    • Strategically address gaps in food production, storage, and distribution.
    • Contribute to the development of local and regional food security plans.
    • Raise community awareness and support for local food production.
    • Explore ways to support local wholesale buyers to more easily purchase regional and local products.
  • Expand and strengthen relationships with independent and/or cooperatively owned producers and distributors.

Stop by the alcove in the store Tuesday April 18th, between 2:30 and 3:45pm to talk with Board members and share your thoughts on this part of our strategic plan. We’ll discuss revisions at the May Board meeting and, as always, members are welcome to attend. At the end of the year, we’ll revisit all five sections for minor adjustments, then formally adopt our new Strategic Plan—taking The Food Co-op to our 50th Anniversary in 2022!

Keep an eye on this blog and the Board’s board in the store for more opportunities to engage. We hope to see you at a Board meeting—or contact us at with your input.


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