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Meet Board Candidate Julie Brown

We asked board candidates to respond to the following questions in their candidate statements: 1) Why would you like to serve on the Board of Directors? 2) What experiences have you had contributing to other successful group efforts? 3) Of the current standing committees, which are Governance, Board Cultivation, Cooperative Connections, and Elections, which are you most interested in serving on, and what skills and experience do you bring to that work? 

Julie B 1

I would like to serve on the Board of Directors because I very much enjoy shopping at the Co-op and being in the homey atmosphere that it provides. I’m passionate about the strong mission to uphold the health of our community and our greater world. Being an important gathering place with loads of good food and vibrant energy from the local farms and artisans, the Co-op helps foster ties that strengthen the community and sustainable land practices. And I believe this can do wonders in the way of fighting climate change and creating ripples that will influence the way people think about our socio-economic system. Therefore, I would like to play a part in finding creative ways to further strengthen these community bonds, and nourishing our future generation with good quality, accessible food.

My main interest lies in collaborating with local community members to bring more informative and fun activities to the Co-op in order to expand our impact. I also am very passionate about children and education, and would love to bring in more events/ programs that are geared toward youth and their parents, whom are the most influential teachers of our next generation. I currently work at Fort Worden as a Wedding Coordinator and also part-time at Better Living Through Coffee as a manager/barista. Previously, I have worked as an office director in Japan for an English school and have taught classes with mothers and children from the age of 1.5 years old. Through these experiences, I have come to develop teamwork, event planning skills, unique perspectives, and organizational skills. For example, I could picture coordinating something like a small, informal class that is offered for children during a time of the day when it is most convenient for parents to shop. We would base our classes and times off of a survey conducted with our members. And through a program like this, kids could learn about pertinent Co-op topics and parents could shop in peace.

In this way, I am most attracted to the Cooperative Connections committee, and finding new ways to tell the Food Co-op’s story. I am most familiar with Japanese style cuisines, being primarily raised in Japan, and I am intrigued by the ancient ways that pertain to each culture’s cuisine. I would love to organize more events that celebrate food and wisdom of different cultures. My favorite saying in Japanese is “Onko chi shin” which means something like, “keep the traditions simmering in the pan, but also start slicing up some new traditions with your own knowledge.” I try to abide by this rule, and I am excited to learn about new philosophies surrounding food, its power to gather a crowd around the table!

Voting in The Food Co-op’s 2017 Board Election will be open from 12:00 noon on Monday May 1st through 9:00pm on Sunday May 14th. For complete election information, including all of the candidate profiles, visit

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