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General Manager’s Blog

by Kenna S. Eaton

Each month, I report to the board on how we are progressing on our long-term goals, which we call our Ends. These Ends reflect our aspirations and they are what makes us different from a regular grocery store. We publish these reports as a blog to keep our member-owners up to date on what we are doing.

The reports are organized by our five Ends, although not all are discussed in every report. Our Ends say that, as a result of all we do —

  • We will be the market of choice for our community to access local, organic, and non-GMO products.
  • A vibrant local and regional food system will provide our community with a year-round supply of food sold at prices that are fair to both consumers and producers.
  • We will have an engaged staff and board that use their expanding knowledge and skills to create a thriving workplace.
  • Our operations will be environmentally sustainable for the benefit of our members, community, and the planet.
  • Our members will be knowledgeable about the products they consume, the connection between food choices and personal health, and environmentally sustainable practices.

May 2017 GM Report

Market of Choice

Our marketing team recently updated our Owner’s Manual, a booklet that explains the rights and responsibilities of being a member-owner, given to every new member of the Co-op (plus it can be found on our website The revised manual is more user-friendly and welcoming, plus it includes lots of cool information that new members need to know about their community-owned marketplace. Next up, the marketing group is in the process of updating our brochures and other promotional materials, such as our weekly ads, to make sure they reflect current information as well as include a stronger focus on local.

Local Food System

At a recent group meeting, key staff dug deeper into how each of us can become (even) better local cultivators. One immediate result is an even larger presence of locally-produced food and goods in our weekly flyer, sent out electronically to most members and available on paper in the store as well. This group of “local buyers” will meet quarterly to reflect on our successes and look at new opportunities for growing the local food system. And if you haven’t done so yet, check out our website for new videos on two local producers profiled in the spring issue of The Commons: Mystery Bay Farm and Sunrise Coffee.

Internal Capacity

In late April, we said goodbye to Liz Lindstrom, supplements buyer and Co-op staff member for 22 years and welcomed our new Wellness Manager, Kimberly Johnson. With lots of experience in both wellness and food co-ops, Kimberly will be a great addition to our management team and our wellness department.


Beginning in June 2016, we set up a bucket for food waste in the dining room, and we are now sending approximately 25 pounds of dining room scraps and 4 pounds of meat scraps per week to local pigs. This weight will continue to grow as staff and customers get better at feeding the pigs rather than throwing away unusable items such as broken eggs and everyone gets better at remembering to put their scraps in the pig bucket. The work we have done in reducing food waste—including our compost program amongst other work–recently garnered us a “Sustainability Star” award for 2016 from the National Cooperative Grocers.

Outreach & Education

A new cooking video produced by our marketing team will be up on our website soon. The video, featuring Vegetable Jambalaya, shows how to make a entree for six for under $10, using our Co+Op Basics, bulk herbs, and other bulk items as well as highlighting our Jar Savers program.

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