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Strategic Plan Renewal: Education, Outreach, Advocacy
by Lia Karoura (December 27, 2017)

This year the board is reviewing and revising our strategic plan to update it for another five years. The plan has five goals, also known as Ends, and these Ends are what help make The Food Co-op different from your usual store. In December, Juri Jennings and I were present in the store alcove to collect member feedback about our fifth End: Education, Outreach, and Advocacy. At the January board meeting, we will be facilitating a discussion about this End.

During the alcove session, one of our member-owners suggested that The Food Co-op host more social and community events related to food, such as passing on “farm life” traditions through harvest parties, where the community participates in using and preserving surplus food.

In our discussions about this End, Juri and I have noted that Education, Outreach, and Advocacy are all big concepts that mean different things! At the January board meeting, we will be talking about what each of these words could mean to different stakeholders and how our strategies and practices fit into each of them. We also noticed that our End does not mention food-related social justice issues such as fair trade, worker treatment, and economic sustainability for local farmers.

Please join us at our January Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 5:30 pm to discuss Education, Outreach, and Advocacy!

A5 Title: Education, Outreach, Advocacy
End: Our members will be knowledgeable about the products they consume, the connection between food choices and personal health, and environmentally sustainable practices.

• Focus our education, outreach, and advocacy efforts strategically
• Engage our member-owners in:
o Ongoing dialog about strategic direction
o Advocacy opportunities that advance our mission and principles
o Understanding and promoting the cooperative model
• Expand programs to educate people of all ages and all walks of life about the benefits of healthy food choices
• Collaborate with other organizations to leverage our education, outreach and advocacy efforts

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