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A4: Environmental Sustainability

Strategic Plan Renewal

This year the board is reviewing and revising our strategic plan to update it for another five years. The plan has five goals, also known as Ends, and these Ends are what help make The Food Co-op different from your usual store. At the September board meeting, we worked on the fourth End, Environmental Sustainability. Here’s what we came up with:

End A4:  Environmental Sustainability

by David Wayne Johnson

Title: Environmental Sustainability

End: Our operations will be sustainable, while working to reduce our environmental impact.



  • Continue to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our waste.
  • Measure and report on progress towards environmental sustainability.
  • Consider environmental impacts when choosing products, or making equipment and facility improvements
  • We will model an active culture of environmental sustainability.


This End places major emphasis on reducing our operational impact on the environment. We discussed the possibility of dropping the word “environmental,” recognizing that we must be sustainable as a business as well fiscally, product, and staff-wise, with a member-base that will allow us to sustain our operations over the long term; but, we decided to place most of the focus on reducing waste and lowering our environmental impacts since these other areas are covered under the other four Ends of the Strategic Plan.

As such, we wanted to be sure that we consider what impact we may have on the environment whenever we make choices that affect operations. We also wanted to be clear that we intend to model this kind of behavior as leaders in sustainability for our members and the community at large.

For the most part, the strategies written five years ago have worked well, so we did not change them drastically. Operating under the idea that changes should only be made if there was a compelling reason to make them, we left the first two strategies as they were. We did, however, modify the third and fourth strategies to better consolidate and state our intent to consider our impacts in all areas of operations. We also discussed whether we needed an additional strategy regarding education on environmental sustainability, but decided that was more appropriate for the next End, A5 (Education, Outreach, and Advocacy), and simply stated we would be a cultural model for the environmental sustainability.

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