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Dylan Carter 2018 Board Candidate

Dylan Carter

What skills and experience will you bring to the board of The Food Co-op?

I was appointed to the board at the beginning of 2018 and have enjoyed my time immensely so far.  As an employee working for The Co-op as a point of sale technician, I want to bring my experiences from inside the organization to help improve our internal workings and learn more about how to bolster our co-op further in the long term.  I work in a wonderful atmosphere and I would like to share that with as many people as possible while simultaneously molding it to attract new members and visitors.

In my time as an interim board member, I have been serving on the governance committee, which helps the board keep functioning smoothly by writing and revising policies and procedures.  As someone who always tries to find the devil in the details, focusing on refining our principles and finding any sticky wickets in the process has led me to great satisfaction in better shaping our co-op.  With our changing world, it is important that we continue to grow, evolve and adapt to best serve our community.

 How would you introduce and explain The Co-op to someone else?

The Food Co-op has always seemed to exist on its own separate magical plane of existence.  I remember my first time walking inside and being struck by the lively colors, the lush produce and the jovial atmosphere.  People know each other and know where their food comes from (or are even on a first name basis with whoever grows it) and if they don’t and are interested in learning, staff can help to inform them at the drop of a hat.  The Co-op is tightly knit community inside the tightly knit community of Port Townsend, bound together by shared values.  I want to continue to foster these ideals as much as I can within my power.

What issues and/or opportunities would you like to see The Co-op board address over the next three years?

In the coming term, I plan first and foremost to assist in streamlining The Co-op’s biggest project at the moment: the comping expansion.  In my capacity as a board member, a member of the safety committee, and an employee, I want to keep workflow and safety as high priorities through these big changes – the fewer surprises for staff and members, the better.  Additionally, I would like to focus on more outreach to local businesses and organizations – not just to bring in new desirable products, but for outreach partnerships that will benefit both entities.

If elected, I am interested in joining our board cultivation committee.  I am a serial networker by nature and would love nothing more than to spark passion in others.  Bringing everyone to contribute their best qualities to The Co-op, be that as a member, an employee or a future board member is a noble and necessary endeavor.  I truly believe that the more we all contribute, the more community we foster, the more cooperation we undertake the more we will all receive in the long run.

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