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Juri Jennings 2018 Board Candidate

Juri Jennings

What skills and experience will you bring to the board of The Food Co-op?

Organizational skills (design and management of events), biculturalism (extended periods of time in both Japan and USA) and creativity/performance arts, all being my passion.

I am a current member of the sustainability committee at Fort Worden where I work as a Sales Manager, working to implement their first recycling program.  I have humbly been on The Co-op board for a year now and would like to continue to share my passions and representing a voice for all.

How would you introduce and explain The Co-op to someone else?

You cannot not notice the beautiful display of fruits/vegetables that are at the center of The Co-op.  There is an abundance of seasonal goods displayed with care and colors that make you happy. There is a product research committee that works to identify “unacceptable ingredients list” and the “dot list.”  And then there’s all the people who are really indescribable.  There is staff that has been working at The Co-op for 26 years and some of the incorporators from 1972 are still with us!  I think that speaks a lot about The Co-op culture and the passion.

What issues and/or opportunities would you like to see The Co-op board address over the next three years?

Traditions and inclusivity.  Driving our community so that healthy food is accessible to everyone and especially the children who steer our future.  I’m also inspired by our GM Kenna’s phrase “we want to be small but mighty.”  One of my teachers in Japan once told me that you want to be like a willow tree, so agile in the wind that no storm can take it down.  But first things first, I would like to see through the expansion and make sure The Co-op remains sustainable and thriving with all of the moving parts.

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