Port Townsend Food Co-op Board Meetings

The Food Co-op, 414 Kearney Street, Port Townsend, 98368
Port Townsend
Phone: (360) 385-2883

Board Meetings

Owners are invited to attend First Tuesday of the month board meetings and share in a simple meal as part of the open session. There is a 10-minute owner comment period at the beginning of each meeting. Generally, our board meetings are held at the Co-op Annex, located at 2110 Lawrence St, Port Townsend, but check our calendar for specific locations and times.

Occasionally the board also schedules a Third Tuesday board meeting, these less formal meetings focus on a specific topic. Owner participation is encouraged at these meetings with any owners that attend invited to sit with the board and participate fully in the entire meeting. These meetings are in support of the work of the board. Official action will not be voted on at these meetings. Any proposals that come of the Third Tuesday meetings will go on the agenda of the next formal first Tuesday meeting.

Meeting packets are available one week prior to the regular board meeting at the Board’s bulletin board at the front of the store . Owners can communicate with the Board by placing a note in the Board’s correspondence box at the Board’s board or by sending an email to: coopboard@foodcoop.coop.

Upcoming Board Meetings
Click here to view the board calendar and upcoming board meetings.

The general schedule for each regular board meeting is as follows.  Please see the calendar or the Board’s bulletin board in the store located next to the public restrooms for exact times and the updated schedule/agenda.

Board Study & Engagement – Owners Welcome
Share Simple Meal – Owners Welcome
Owner Comment Period
Regular Session – Owners Welcome
Executive Session – Board Members Only

Full agenda packets are available at the co-op approximately one week prior to each meeting, and a PDF of the packet will be posted below.

08-07-2018 BOD Meeting Packet

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are available below,  in the Board Resource binder at the Co-op or by contacting the Board Assistant at boardassistant@foodcoop.coop

A note on meeting minutes: Board Meeting minutes will take at least one month to be available for member-owners to view because minutes must be approved at the next regular board meeting. For example, January’s minutes are approved at February’s meeting, are then finalized by administrative staff, and then put in the Board’s binder in the store and on the website.

2018 Minutes:
BOD Minutes 01-02-2018
BOD Minutes 02-06-2018 Rvs1
BOD Minutes 03-06-2018
BOD Minutes 04-03-2018
BOD Minutes 05-01-2018
BOD Minutes 06-05-2018
BOD Minutes 07-03-2018

2017 Minutes:
BOD Minutes 01_03_17
BOD Minutes 02_07_17
BOD Minutes 03_07_17
BOD Minutes 04_04_17
BOD Minutes 05_02_17
BOD Minutes 06_06_17
BOD Minutes 07_11_17
BOD Minutes 08_01_17
BOD Minutes 09-05-2017
BOD Minutes 10-03-2107
BOD Minutes 11-07-2017
BOD Minutes 12-05-2017

2016 Minutes:
BOD Minutes 01_05_16
BOD Minutes 02_02_16
BOD Minutes 03_01_16
BOD Minutes 04_05_16
BOD Minutes 05_03_16
BOD Minutes 06_07_16
BOD Minutes 07_05_16
BOD Minutes 08_02_16
BOD Minutes 09_06_16
BOD Minutes 10_04_16
BOD Minutes 11_01_16
BOD Minutes 12_06_16

2015 Minutes:
BOD Minutes 12.1.15
BOD Minutes 11.3.15
BOD Minutes 10.6.15
BOD Minutes 9.1.15
BOD Minutes 8.4.15
BOD Minutes 7.7.15
BOD Minutes 6.2.15

BOD Minutes 5.5.15
BOD Minutes 4.7.15
BOD Minutes 3.3.15
BOD Minutes 2.3.15
BOD Minutes 1.6.15

Board Actions/Decisions:

Board Decision Table (2018)
Board Decision Table (2017)
Board Decision Table (2016)
Board Decision Table (2015)
Board Decision Table (2014)
Board Decision Table (2013)  (pdf 259KB)
Board Decision Table (2012)  (pdf 237KB)
Board Decision Table (2011)  (pdf 161KB)
Board Decision Table (2010)
  (pdf 118KB)
Board Decision Table (2009) (pdf 116KB)
Board Decision Table (2008) (pdf 53KB)
Board Decision Table (2007) (pdf 36KB)
Board Decision Table (2006) (pdf 200KB)
Board Decision Table (2005) (pdf 230KB)
History of Board Actions (1994-2007)