Port Townsend Food Co-op Staff

Port Townsend Food Co-op, 414 Kearney St., Port Townsend, WA, 98368
Open Every Day 8am-9pm
Phone: (360) 385-2883


The Port Townsend Food Co-op employs an average of 90 staff persons, an interesting mix of individuals who work hard every day to make your store a great place to shop whether we’re checking out groceries, prepping produce, or tending the outside gardens. You are invited to contact any of us with your questions and comments.


General Manager: Kenna Eaton
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 303
E-mail: gm@foodcoop.coop

Human Resources Manager: Julie Donah
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 301
E-mail: hr@foodcoop.coop

Board Assistant: Rachel Williams
Phone: 360-379-5798
E-mail: boardassistant@foodcoop.coop

Grocery Department

Grocery Manager: 
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 305
E-mail: marcia@foodcoop.coop

Store Inventory, Pricing & Systems (SIPS) Manager: Deb Shortess
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 106
E-mail: deb@foodcoop.coop

Produce Department

Produce Manager: Laura Llewellyn
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 111
E-mail: laura@foodcoop.coop

Produce Team Leader: Chandra Wright
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 108
E-mail: chandra@foodcoop.coop

Local Cultivator: Brendon O’Shea
Phone: 360-385.2883, ext. 306
E-mail: brendon@foodcoop.coop

Food Services/Deli/Specialty Foods

Food Services Manager: Brendan Johnson
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 201
E-mail: brendan@foodcoop.coop

Wellness Department

Wellness Manager: Jan Tobin
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 214
E-mail: jan@foodcoop.coop

Supplement/HABA Buyer: Liz Lindstrom
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 113
E-mail: liz@foodcoop.coop

Mercantile Buyer: Crista Rutledge
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 202
E-mail: crista@foodcoop.coop

Front End Operations

Store Manager: Marcia Atwood
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 111
E-mail: marcia@foodcoop.coop

Front End Manager: David Dunn
Phone: 360-385-2883
E-mail: dave@foodcoop.coop

Front End Team Leader: Teresa Swindell
Phone: 360-385-2883
E-mail: teresa@foodcoop.coop


Outreach/Education/Mktg. Manager:
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 303
E-mail: gm@foodcoop.coop

Graphics/Marketing Assistant: Mindy Dwyer
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 310
E-mail: mindy@foodcoop.coop


Maintenance & Facilities Manager: René Tanner
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 307
E-mail: rene@foodcoop.coop


I.T. Manager: Mario Gonzalez
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 315
E-mail: mario@foodcoop.coop

Finance Department

Finance Manager: Anne Steurer
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 311
E-mail: anne@foodcoop.coop

Controller: Dan Goldstein
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 302
E-mail: dan@foodcoop.coop

Accounts Payable: Kristina Dosey
Phone: 360-385-2883, ext. 313
E-mail: kristina@foodcoop.coop

Food Co-op Board of Directors

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