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Hearty Thank You Winner – March

April 2nd, 2012 by foodcoop

Cindy Scott, our board assistant, is the Hearty Thank You Award winner for March, 2012.

This award is given to an employee who is recommended through the form available at the store for “going the extra mile.” Cindy will get to choose between a day off with pay, or $125. Congratulations Cindy!

February Hearty Thank You Winner

March 7th, 2012 by foodcoop

Phil Blair, Food Services won the Hearty Thank You award for February, 2012.  A quote from his nomination says, “Phil went to Boise and made more professional connections with our beef and lamb distributors and figured out, with the help of the Moscow Co-op meat manager, how to make a leaner grind [hamburger meat] for less money!”

January Hearty Thank You Winner

March 6th, 2012 by foodcoop

Steven Urbanc, Food Services, won the Hearty Thank You award for January, 2012. A quote from his nomination form says, “Steven shared his bright idea…that changed the Grab & Go kingdom forever! Instead of peeling hundreds of eggs for egg salad, we now CRACK, POUR, and STEAM!”

December’s Hearty Thank You Award

December 6th, 2011 by foodcoop

Sheryl Little, Food  Services


“Sheryl has been really great, especially kind, friendly and so helpful for so long! Sorry to see her go!” [Sheryl left the Co-op in December to return to her home state of Minnesota to be closer to her family.]

December’s Hearty Thank You nominees: Skylark Beck, Annie Cleveland, Sheryl Little


Hearty Thank You Award Archive 2011

December 5th, 2011 by foodcoop

HTY.Aaron-Carver.1111-web.jpgNovember 2011
AARON CARVER, Co-op Gardener

HTY.Brendon-O\'Shea,1011-web.jpgOctober 2011
BRENDON O’SHEA, Produce Buyer

September 2011

August 2011
ROB ROBBINS, Grocery Dept.

HTY.Mario-Gonzales.0711-web.jpgJuly 2011

HTY.Eric-Rymer.0611.jpgJune 2011
ERIC RYMER, Grocery Dept.

HTY.Scott-Marble.0511-web.jpgMay 2011
SCOTT MARBLE, Facilities/Maintenance

HTY.Marcia-Atwood.0311-web.jpgMarch 2011
MARCIA ATWOOD, Operations Manager

HTY.Annie-Cleveland.0211-we.jpgFebruary 2011

HTY.JodiElekes.0111-web.jpgJanuary 2011