Port Townsend Food Co-op Offers Classes

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An engaged and educated membership is essential to the success of our cooperative.

We want to help our members be knowledgeable about the products they consume,  connections between food choices and personal health, as well as how to engage in environmentally sustainable practices.

To reach this goal, we are developing education and advocacy on topics such as reducing carbon footprint, understanding the cooperative model, and helping our diverse population learn how to access and cook healthy, local food.
View our calendar to see what is coming up!

Join us for some FUN in the kitchen! We are super excited to partner with local chefs and educators to offer our members the opportunity to learn how to cook healthy meals from scratch.  All classes take place on Saturdays at the Market Kitchen.  Prices and times vary depending on the class.  We highly recommend these classes to any type of cook; beginner, intermediate, or advanced.


2018 Class Schedule

Introduction to Spices

April 21 • 1:30 -5:30pm • $15 • Instructor: Sidonie

Do you love well seasoned food but spicing confuses you? Not sure what combinations to use and what they’ll do for a dish? In this intensive, we’ll learn to identify and use common kitchen spices. We’ll think like a chef in our approaches to flavoring. Plus we’ll hands-on grind and mix up some ‘must have’ blends to try. REGISTER HERE


Love Indonesian Food

May 12 • 1:30 -5:30pm • $15 • Instructor: Sidonie

The fabled Spice Islands of Indonesia encompass an astonishing range of culinary diversity. A place filled with healthy, beautiful and exciting food. Join us as we cook up tasty dishes from the classic cookbook “Groot Indonesisch Kookboek” by Dutch-Indonesian writer Beb Vuyk. Together with Pisang Susu’s accompanying food blog to help us understand the recipes we can’t go wrong.  REGISTER HERE


Discover Korean American Food

June 9 • 1:30 -5:30pm • $15 • Instructor: Sidonie

Around the world Korean cooking is exploding in popularity. Not only does it have a delicious and sophisticated living tradition, it’s also healthy: with its uses of fermentation, gelatin rich broths and a wide array of fresh vegetables. Learn introductory Korean cooking techniques and how to adapt Korean dishes to our local food scene. With over a million Korean Americans, this cuisine will have an important impact on our meals for years to come.  REGISTER HERE


Cook Vegetarian Indian with Confidence

July 7 • 1:30 -5:30pm • $15 • Instructor: Sidonie

Inspired by “The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking” by Yamuna Devi, we’ll explore the basics and by the end of the day you’ll be able to confidently make delicious Indian meals at home. REGISTER HERE


 Cook Persian: The Food of Life

August 4 • 1:30 -5:30pm • $15 • Instructor: Sidonie

The cuisine of any country is a fundamental part of its heritage. Its ingredients reflect geography, while its flavors and colors tell about the aesthetic tastes of its peoples. Join us for a hands-on, tasty, introduction to Persian food, using Najmieh Batmanglij’s beautiful cookbook “Food of Life”. Roll up your sleeves and join this fascinating excursion into the cradle of culinary civilization. This class is especially placed to use our bounty of Summer produce! REGISTER HERE


The Armenian American Kitchen

September 1 •  1:30 -5:30pm • $15 • Instructor: Sidonie

Armenia has an ancient and delicious cuisine, brought to America by her immigrants. Join us as we experiment with our luscious late Summer produce using Armenian techniques and recipes. Food connects us across all boundaries, so it’s fun to share a meal, try regional recipes and explore the flavors of another country– all the while learning the art & science of cooking.  REGISTER HERE


For the Love of Pie

October 20 • 1:30 -5:30pm • $15 • Instructor: Sidonie

Find your way to baking fabulous pies Be a pastry dough pro. Make creative pie tops and decorations. Learn to use seasonal produce to fill your pies. Play with sweet and savory fillings.  REGISTER HERE


View our calendar for a list of classes with information and descriptions.

For details about Food Co-op classes please contact our Outreach, Education & Marketing Department, marketing@foodcoop.coop  or  360-385-2883  ext. 309