Port Townsend Food Co-op Promotes Green Living

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Green Living

Worried about the effects the various chemicals we use have on the health of our environment? Many laundry detergents, for example, contain toxins that are dangerous to human health and the environment. Drain cleaners contain corrosives that damage pipes and can’t be good for the soil or water. Becoming conscious of the cleaning products we use and making our own with simple household ingredients is a good place to start if we want to clean up our planet.

Beans for Bags – Oct. 2012

A big thank you to Co-op shoppers who donate the nickel we give each time they bring in their own containers and bags! You really do make a difference!

Living Without Plastic – Could You?

Beth Terry didn’t just give up plastic bags. She has attempted to give up all plastic. For the past five years, since 2007, Terry has strived to bring absolutely no new plastic …continue reading

How to Shop GMO-Free at the Co-op

Member/Owner Jack Olmsted made this video of the Food Co-op’s SIPS Manager Deb Shortess explaining how to make sure the products you buy at the Food Co-op are GMO-free.

How to Sew a Drawstring Bag

With the new plastic bag ban coming to Port Townsend effective Nov. 1, 2012, you will want to save on that mandatory nickel charge for a paper bag at the Co-op (for more information about the new ordinance, check out …continue reading

New Recumbent Trike Parking at Co-op

Recumbent Trike Parking:  In response to member requests we have adjusted our green bike rack along the south side of our store to accommodate parking of larger bikes. A sign is posted …continue reading

The 2012 Food & Farm Bill: What’s going on this week?

Speak out for a better 2012 Food & Farm Bill!

The House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture is at work on its version of the 2012 Food & Farm Bill right now. (The …continue reading

May 9 Meeting: Bag It Supporters Please Attend!

Hey there, Bag It Friends:

Here we go – THIS IS IT. DECISION TIME. Please attend the City Council Special Projects Committee meeting about BANNING PLASTIC BAGS in PT. This committee will make …continue reading

Midori Organic Veggie Starts!

Begin your garden with organic plant starts! Midori Farms, located in Port Townsend, has given you a head start on your veggies. Many options to choose from available at the Co-op …continue reading

Eco-Friendly household products

Natural Ingredient Choices

Supermarket: vinegar, salt, washing soda, abrasive green pad
Mail Order: washing soda
Hardware: powdered graphite
Pharmacy: zinc oxide

Natural Cleaning Recipes

From Clean & Green: The Complete Guide to Nontoxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping by Annie Berthold-Bond

The Green-Pad-and-Vinegar Solution
1/4 cup vinegar, green pad

Scrub …continue reading