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Baltic Feast

March 17, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Market Kitchen
1433 W Sims Way
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Andrea Stafford
360.385.2883 xt309

Baltic FEAST

Influenced by neighboring Germany, Scandinavia and Russia this premier peasant cuisine has always been closely linked to the seasons and artisanal foods. They’ve been doing well for a long time, what we’re  just waking up to: seasonal, fresh, local, foraging, and fermentation.

Because they have a short wet growing season, foods that do well in the maritime Northwest also grow in the Baltics. Their recipes are filled with yummy everyday ideas to fill a late winter belly.


Image may contain: 1 person, indoor The Chef – Sidonie Maroon

I cook from the insides out, looking more for the connection between myself and the food, than a perfection of techniques. Although, like the poet’s craft there are intuitive bones behind me, a keen discernment, and sensory incantation. ​

I decided to be a food poet, because everyone must eat–but not everyone eats words. So I took my poet calling and translated it into chef. Having done both, I find them similar, although, maybe the transitory act of cooking is already what poetry captures to keep.

I write to make meaning of what I find in food. Is there a world as rich? It’s our senses, and emotions; it’s communion, yet also starvation. It’s earth, angels and ancestors. I immerse myself in the craft of cooking, while living to write it, onion by onion.

Practically, I earn my living by teaching others to cook. I own FEAST:foodways education at a sustainable table. It’s a blue dot way to reach out and share the culinary imagination of the world. I bring people together to create feasts from  international menus, using local in season foods. Beyond that, I’m a countertop scientist exploring alternative baking methods, and a recipe developer. I’ve always grown gardens, and facilitate “Local Food” a 20/20 group.

Basically, I spin straw into gold through a network of enterprises from community chef, activist, folk arts and food camps director, to writing culinary articles….I purposely keep my life simple, and un-hyped, so you won’t find any glamorous spins on success here; only a love for what I do, love of who I do it with, and a profound love and respect for the planet and life we share. ​

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