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Member Dividends Information

2015 Patronage Dividends

The Food Co-op Board has voted to allocate patronage dividends for 2015. Dividend distributions are redeemable for store credit at any register by December 31, 2017. Alternatively, members may request their dividend by check or donate their dividend to local nonprofits designated by the board.

Board Announcement to Member-Owners

July 5, 2016

Dear Member-Owners,

We are excited to announce The Food Co-op’s first-ever member dividend distribution!

We had a great 2015, so we’re able to return $156,388 to our members. How much you receive depends on how much you spent at the Co-op in 2015:  The amount of your dividend that is being distributed now equals 1.32% of the total you spent.

It’s easy to redeem your dividend. The next time you shop, tell your cashier you want to redeem or donate your dividend. And if you redeem or donate your dividend by September 30, you’ll receive a coupon for $5 off your next purchase of $30 or more. (The last date to redeem distributed dividends is December 31, 2017. Any dividends not redeemed by then will be considered donated to The Food Co-op per our bylaws.)

If you choose to donate your dividend distribution, we’ll pool it with other donated dividends and divide the pool equally between three local nonprofits. Members will vote in an online poll in July to pick the three organizations. If the Co-op has your email address, you’ll receive an email so you can vote. Otherwise, you’ll be able to vote online or on paper in the store by July 15.


You’ll notice that the dividends are not large; the distributed portion averaged $18.13. Member dividends come out of surplus funds and The Food Co-op aims for just a 1-2% profit, to keep our prices as low as possible. For more information on how patronage dividends work, including FAQs and definitions of terms, see our website at


Thank you for supporting your Food Co-op—we couldn’t do it without you.




Monica le Roux

Board President

The Food Co-op

Port Townsend