Port Townsend Food Co-op Is a Organic Whole Foods Store

The Food Co-op, 414 Kearney Street, Port Townsend, 98368
Port Townsend
Phone: (360) 385-2883

Our Store

The goal of our organic whole foods store is to provide a broad range of pure, whole, staple foods and other essential items at a reasonable price. We’re proud to make available to our community fair-priced local and organic products every day and you don’t have to be a co-owner to shop: the entire community benefits by being able to purchase delicious, minimally processed whole foods made organically, without harmful chemicals or additives.

Ask about our Cooper Card.

  • Give as a gift card
  • Use instead of a debit or credit card (no  usage fees for the co-op and no cost for you)
  • Load with cash and recharge to use again

Available at any checkstand or at Member Services.

Read GM’s statement about the recent UNFI-Safway contract: What the new UNFI-Safeway alliance means to the Co-op

Learn more about our Product Selection Guidelines >

Download/print the following informational brochures:

GMO Statement             Ingredients List             Local Vendors

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