Port Townsend Food Co-op Offers Bulk Foods, Teas, Herbs, Pet Foods, Cleaning Products and More

Port Townsend Food Co-op, 414 Kearney St., Port Townsend, WA, 98368
Open Every Day 8am-9pm
Phone: (360) 385-2883

Bulk Department

The main bulk section in our store is adjacent to the deli. You’ll find beans, grains, flours, sweeteners and much more in this section. Bulk teas and bulk baking products like baking soda and baking powder are on the tea aisle. Bulk herbs (culinary & medicinal) are in the Wellness Department. Bulk pet food and bulk cleaning products are in the non-foods section of grocery. Bulk olives? Yes–near the cheese case. Bulk water? Yes–the water dispenser is located at the end of the non-foods aisle. Looking for a bulk item that you can’t find? Please ask us for help!

Why “Buy in Bulk”?
Buying in bulk benefits us all by reducing the amount of waste we produce, especially when we use our own containers. When we buy in bulk we can also save money, because we’re buying the product without its expensive packaging. Receive a 5¢ credit for each re-used container! Shoppers can also donate their 5¢ credit in our Beans for Bags program.

Tips for shopping in bulk:

  • Weigh your container before filling it. The “tare” weight of the container is subtracted from the total weight at the check stand.
  • Write down the PLU number when you fill a bag or container. PLUs in bulk are 2 to 4 digit numbers and should be clearly marked on the bin. Pens, tape & flag tags are available for writing down the PLU.
  • Forgot your container? That’s okay. Plastic bags and containers for holding bulk items are available at no cost. You can also buy glass and plastic containers in the store for future reuse.

Special ordering bulk products
Should you need more than is available in the bulk bins, consider special ordering through our Buying Club or directly from a vendor. Anything sold on the shelf can be special ordered. Check with the Member Services Desk for more about special ordering. You can download and print the Buying Club catalogs here.

5 cent refund for each container that you re-use!

Staff Picks and Specials:

Emergency Preparedness Event (EP)

Join us in September for a special ordering extravaganza. For Co-op owners only, for the month of September, you can stock up for Emergency Preparedness by ordering from the UNFI Buyer’s …continue reading

Daddy’s Muesli

Daddys-Muesli-web.jpgDaddy’s Muesli is made by Tim Lambert & Sheryl Morgenstern in Port Townsend. A mix of grains, flakes, fruits & nuts makes a really delicious cereal for

Local Flour & Grain

NashTriticale-web.jpgLocal supplies of baking and sprouting grains now available! Look for pastry flour from soft white winter wheat (ground at the Bell St. Bakery in Sequim) and medium grind bread flour from hard …continue reading

Local-Roasted Peanuts in the Hopper & More

While these certified organic nuts are not grown locally, they are roasted locally in Kingston and are fresh and tasty. Organic bulk peanut butter stock is roasted and delivered weekly. Oregon-grown bulk pumpkin seeds are available in the shell as …continue reading