Port Towsend Food Co-op Carries Bulk Foods, Teas & More from Local Producers

Port Townsend Food Co-op, 414 Kearney St., Port Townsend, WA, 98368
Open Every Day 8am-9pm
Phone: (360) 385-2883

Local (and near Local) Suppliers

  • Auntie Quaint Teas in Port Townsend, WA-lavender teas made from lavender grown on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • CB Nuts in Kingston, WA-peanuts and grind your own peanut butter.
  • Heliotrope Mirthful Bakery in Port Townsend, WA-4-grain cereal
  • Mirracole Morsels in Kingston WA-cranberry hazelnut granola
  • Mountain Spirit Teas in Port Townsend, WA-Tasty Tea, Tea for Two, Yerba Maté, Kids Comfort, Calming Tea, Herbal Vit-Min Tea, Everybody’s Cold
  • Rainbow Honey Co. in Northport, WA-mountain wildflower unfiltered honey “heated just enough to flow but not enough to destroy the enzymes”
  • Silverwater Café Spice Blends in Port Townsend, WA-Popcorn Spice and Secret Spice
  • Sunrise Coffee in Port Townsend, WA-coffees blended and roasted in Port Townsend


We define “Local” as grown, raised, or produced in Jefferson, Clallam, Kitsap or Island Counties. Local products are identified with an “L”-Local shelf tag. Shelf labels with a green State of Washington outline identify products from Washington.