Port Townsed Food Co-op Offers Organic Meats & Cheeses from North Olympic Peninsula Producers

Port Townsend Food Co-op, 414 Kearney St., Port Townsend, WA, 98368
Open Every Day 8am-9pm
Phone: (360) 385-2883

Local Producers

Meat Department

  • Cape Cleare Fishery in Port Townsend, WA – wild-caught Alaska salmon brought home to PT by our local PT fisherman. Flash-frozen so it’s as fresh as possible for you, and smoked salmon as well. Contains no antibiotics, synthetic coloring or dyes, or growth hormones (all to be found in farmed salmon).
  • Key City Fish in Port Townsend, WA – a local distributor of meat products supplying our local Dabob oysters and other products.
  • New Day Fisheries in Port Townsend, WA-a local distributor of fish and seafood supplying our local pickled herring
  • Short’s Family Farm in Chimacum, WA – grass-fed beef
  • SpringRain Farm in Chimacum, WA – fresh organic chicken and organic grass-fed lamb
  • Westbrook Angus in Chimacum, WA – grass-fed beef

Northwest Producers:

  • Country Natural Beef (formerly Oregon Country Beef), a cooperative of ranches in Oregon and Washington-our primary source of beef. Their beef cattle are owned by individual co-op member ranchers, not bought from traders or other outside sources, and are raised from birth to finish by member ranchers. Contains no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. Cattle are pastured on managed rangeland and finished on a vegetarian diet consisting of hay, grain, potatoes and a vitamin/mineral supplement. The vegetarian feed contains no ruminant by-products like meat and bone meal (feed containing meat by-products may spread BSE or Mad Cow disease).
  • “Ranger Chicken” from Draper farms in Mt. Vernon, WA-free-ranged chickens fed a vegetarian diet with no animal by-products, antibiotics or hormones.
  • Wildcatch in Bellingham, WA – sustainable wild-caught Alaska salmon that contains no antibiotics, synthetic coloring or dyes, or growth hormones (all to be found in farmed salmon). Wildcatch also supports small native Alaskan coastal communities.

Cheese Department

  • Mt. Townsend Creamery in Port Townsend, WA – artisan cheese produced from local milk (Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim and Huntingford Family Holsteim and Brown Swiss cows in Chimacum)
  • Mystery Bay Goat Farm on Marrowstone, WA – small-batch artisan goat cheese produced from farm-raised goat milk.
  • Whiskey Hill Farm in Port Townsend, WA – fresh raw goat milk, goat cheeses and cows-milk cheeses.

Northwest Producers:

  • Cypress Grove Chevre in Arcata, CA – goat cheeses including Humboldt Fog soft-ripened goat, Purple Haze goat, and Midnight Moon goat Gouda
  • Rogue Creamery in Central Point, OR – Smoky Blue Cheese made from sustainable raw whole milk
  • Samish Bay Cheese from Rootabaga Country Farm in Bow, WA – artisan farmstead Gouda cheeses made from organic unpasteurized milk from dairy cows raised mostly on pasture


We define “Local” as grown, raised, or produced in Jefferson, Clallam, Kitsap, Mason,¬†or Island Counties. Local products are identified with an “L”-Local shelf tag. Shelf labels with a green State of Washington outline identify products from Washington.