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Meet the Candidates: Marty Canaday

April 8th, 2016 by Sharon Dauenhauer

The Food Co-op Board of Directors election is coming up May 2-15, 2016. You can read more about the election, and all of the candidates, on the Board Elections page.

You are also invited to join the candidates for cake, coffee, tea and conversation at our Meet the Candidates event on Wednesday, April 27th, 7:00pm in The Food Co-op dining room.

In the mean time, we will be introducing the candidates one by one here on the blog. Four candidates are running for four available seats. This blog features Marty Cananday. The other candidates are David Wayne Johnson, Monica le Roux, and Owen Rowe.

Canaday photo squareMarcia “Marty” Canaday

1. Personal statement, including anything you feel is relevant to your candidacy.

I was raised on one of the earliest certified organic farms in Kansas. My seven siblings and I planted, weeded, and worked together for success. I guess you might say we were a mini cooperative; all for one and one for all. Having been with true member owned food co-ops since age 19, I value the democratic control of our Co-op, and how The Port Townsend Co-op thrives and innovates while encouraging membership and empowering its members.

2. Why would you like to serve on the Board of Directors?

I wish to positively uplift my community through the medium of our Co-op, while serving my fellow members. Organic produce is part of the fabric of my life, and I work to forward GMO labeling and fair trade. Having tied myself to the Co-op through employment, I know that this investment of my time will keep our Co-op vibrant into my children’s future as well. I want the opportunity to help keep our Co-op financially healthy, as well as continuing to foster the important relationship between the Co-op and our member owners.

3. Describe your interests, experience, and expertise that may contribute to the Board’s activities.

My experience as a school volunteer, business owner, and president of Bethany College activities council have sharpened useful skills to bring to our Co-ops board. I have real world experience in the concerns of local farmers, GMO laws, and organic labeling. I still garden and raise small livestock to better empower my own family. My local interests are my own garden on our land, boating, home schooling my children, and sea glass.

4. What experiences have you had contributing to successful group efforts?

As a previous business owner, I understand the value of planning for the future while allowing Co-op leadership the freedom to do their best work on our Co-ops behalf. In addition to having owned a cake shop in Kansas for 12 years, I volunteered significant hours over a decade as a volunteer and various chairs for Sacred Heart Catholic School in Emporia, Kansas. I worked in groups to make our fundraiser successful and eventually chaired the event. This giant event has given me vast experience in group planning, working together for success, and how long range planning unfolds. (I was chair its 40th year.) I managed over 400 volunteers.

5. The Strategic Plan’s first long range goal is Market Position, and it includes the following strategy: Develop and implement our long term facilities plan. What do you think should be considered in developing such a plan?

Our long term facilities plan should consider if a bigger place with more parking will actually increase sales sufficiently to warrant the expenditure. Also, insufficient parking for customers and none for employees of the store is a negative for member owners and employee owners alike. Our grocery department night-time stock storage issue is also problematic. It would be convenient to have The Co-op all under one roof or within the same block.

6. How would you encourage greater member-owner involvement in elections, member-owner forums and meetings?

Have “Involvement Opportunities” be worth Involvement Points. Attendance at elections, forums, and meetings are worth points. The points may potentially be used for a price discount at register or a higher dividend percentage. Another option is to place monitors visible to those still awaiting checkout to notify of our next member-owner “Involvement Opportunity.”